Crafting A Comprehensive Showcase


Ban & Co Entertainment


  • Brand Identity + Communication
  • Corporate Profile
  • Art Direction
  • Photography

We were tasked to develop a Corporate Profile for Ban & Co. Entertainment, the prolific F&B group behind popular dining spots Tanba Japanese BBQ and Chi Gui Hot Pot.

With a range of exciting and unique concepts under their belts, the goal was to effectively communicate their vision and core values while producing an elegant showcase of what they have to offer.

Telling A Story

We worked closely with the client to present their brands in a manner that strikes a balance between sincere passion and industry expertise, putting the company’s multi-faceted offering at the centre of its story.

Interior & Food Photography by Mates Studio

With a consistent approach to identity and communications, we were able to express the distinctive value propositions of Ban & Co’s brands in both the copywriting and the visual storytelling.

Chi Gui Hot Pot

Chi Gui Hot Pot combines modern food culture with the traditions and flavours of generations before with a touch of sophistication. Set in a dramatic, cinematic 1960’s Shanghai, Chi Gui captures the romance and intrigue of the era with classic red tiles leading up to metal structures that give off a certain oriental charm.

The colour red is a strong theme throughout the brand’s touch points and was fused into the artistic direction. The word “Chi” is a traditional concept that denotes loyalty, bravery and symbolises their passion for culinary arts, spice, and service.

Tanba Japanese Yakiniku

Tanba is Johor Bahru’s first authentic Yakiniku restaurant - A celebration of Japanese cuisine and culture, Tanba takes particular care to source for ingredients from all across Japan while maintaining the high standard of skill and expertise needed to handle the preparations.

A Feast For The Eyes

Congruently, we developed creative assets that would be used to visually channel the distinctive ambiences and cuisines of each dining establishment under Ban & Co’s umbrella.

Premium cuts and special dishes were carefully styled and shot to fully embody the quality and authenticity of their products.

The look and feel was to be exciting, elevated and artistic, mirroring the personality of Ban & Co’s outfits. We worked closely with Mates Studio to create these stunning images that were incorporated into the Corporate Profile.

The photography was also used to fully capture the stories told through the decor, bringing to life the heritage and spirit of their cultural and artistic endeavours.

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