Empowerment Through Art, Beyond Boundaries


Iskandar Malaysia


  • Brand Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Social Media Marketing

The Iskandar Malaysia Beyond Boundaries Programme (IMB2P) is a grant programme for eligible artists, practitioners, and students in the creative sphere.

The programme encourages initiatives and collaborations with international partner(s) in Iskandar Malaysia, within or outside Malaysia towards a sustainable network of like-minded talent pool for the development of arts and culture in the region.

We designed the programme branding and set-up the grant page on social media to raise awareness within the target audience bracket and kick-start the application process.

In Support of Art, Culture & Heritage

A further range of outdoor advertising collateral and merchandise were created to support the programme and drive interest amongst the art community.

Safari Social

Strategy + Branding + Digital


Vigneto Wine & Dine

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