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Tag Dental Clinic


  • SEO + SEM

With fierce competition in the dental clinic market, our client needed a strong and compelling identity for his new practice. Located atop the Austin18 Versatile Business Suites in Mount Austin, TAG Dental Clinic specialises in orthodontics and aesthetic dental services.

We developed the complete brand identity for TAG Dental Clinic including the logo, colour scheme, printed materials, social media templates and website.

Our goal was to create a unique brand that stands out in the market by utilising bold colours and captivating visuals.

We applied a clean and rounded typeface to indicate professionalism and comfort which are of extreme importance in the industry.

Accordingly, we designed custom icons depicting the entire range of treatments offered by the clinic.

Building A Comprehensive Website

The website was to be the main channel of communication, to provide patients with an easy way of finding the services the clinic offers.

We also showcased the clinic interior and people behind the brand to provide patients with a clearer idea on what to expect.

Search Engine Optimisation + Search Engine Marketing

In order to beat the competition online, we carried out search engine optimisation and Google Ads to position the clinic as one of the top dental choices in Johor Bahru.

Keeping It Fun

As dental visits can be intimidating to some, the content direction was approached with the objective of flipping the experience into a positive one using bright pops of colour and images that are pleasing to the eye.

By adopting a vibrant visual language and with clever use of social media platforms, the brand garnered success in educating visitors about the importance of dental health care in an approachable manner.

This theme was continued on all physical and digital touch points to further establish TAG’s identity and promote brand recognition across the board.


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