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Wen Ken Group is a family-owned group of companies and the creator of the renowned Three Legs Brand Cooling Water.

To date, the group has more than 80 years of experience in the research and development, as well as production and marketing of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Natural Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Over-The-Counter (OTC) health products. In recent years, the group has also ventured into developing and producing functional food and drink products that are in line with their healthcare model.

A Fresh New Update for Oriental Medicine

We were tasked to redesign the group’s Malaysia & Singapore websites to better resonate with the market today and showcase their products and features in a modern and clear manner.

We applied a cooling colour palette across the site to evoke calm and soothing emotions while encouraging trust and firmly emphasising their role in the healthcare industry.

Select imagery was incorporated to denote a healthy lifestyle, better wellbeing and care for family to further establish the brand’s core messaging.

In line with the group’s updated logo, the web design mirrored the renewed energy and new image of modern Chinese medicine in a commercial setting.

Additionally, we provided copywriting services in English and Chinese to effectively communicate the groups core values, accolades and product USPs to visitors.

The result was a fresh new look that honours Wen Ken’s rich history and tradition while improving the overall user-interface, user-experience and functionality.

Putting It On Paper

We also developed a downloadable Corporate Profile for the brand featuring a summary of key milestones and achievements along with relevant information for corporate partners and interested parties.

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